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Frustrated with chronic knee, shoulder, back, or neck pain? Maybe you are suffering from debilitating pain in other parts of your body, or in multiple areas. Thousands of people across the country suffer with pain and can’t find relief. At HooverHealth and Wellness, we offer new and advanced approaches that bring benefits to patients who have been living with hard-to-treat. painful conditions. Our clinicians use a safe and effective modality for the treatment of joint and spine (neck and low back) pain, as well as peripheral neuropathy. The technique is termed the Combined Electrochemical Treatment (CET).

The Combined Electrochemical Treatment uses two well-established procedures that have been combined into a protocol, which is showing great promise as a safe and effective treatment solution for neck pain, low back pain, joint pain, and most forms of neuropathies, most commonly diabetic.

The Combined Electrochemical Treatment is performed by combining a sensory nerve (or joint) block, using a nutrient-infused local anesthetic, combined with Electronic Signal Treatment (EST). This is known as energy medicine. The electronic signal is delivered by a sophisticated electromedical wave generator, called the Sanexas unit. The special nutrient-infused local anesthetic acts as a (chemical) signal to peripheral nerves to regenerate and heal damaged nerves.

This medical device is much more advanced than common electro-stimulator devices (TENS units) and operates with such a high degree of sophistication that nerves are not able to either accommodate to or “learn” the delivered bioelectric signal patterns; therefore, the nerves do not regress to being non-responsive. We are signaling nerve cells with electronic impulses at specific frequencies to regenerate the nerve cells with quantum biology technology.

Epidermal nerve fiber biopsies taken before and after treatment show increases in nerve densities, demonstrating the regeneration of nerve endings.

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  • “The Staff members at RMI are Noticeably Exceptional. January 17, 2019 was my relief date after years of constantly increasing pain, burning, swelling and tingling in my feet and legs. That is now a passing memory thanks to the great therapy.”

    - Lynn T.
  • “Always polite, pleasant, professional and punctual. But best of all is the positive results. Highly recommend the people and the procedures.”

    - Darryl P.
  • “The treatment I've received has shown amazing results.”

    - Kim K.

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