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At HooverHealth and Wellness, our goal is to help our patients learn about new, safe, and effective treatment options to bolster their wellbeing with modern functional medicine to alleviate pain. While many physicians today treat chronic pain patients with opioid medication in an attempt to mask their symptoms, we take a different approach. Our innovative, game-changing treatments are part of a relatively new area of medical practice called functional medicine.

So, if you’re frustrated by:

  • Ongoing, painful neuropathy symptoms;
  • Multiple doctors who have provided no lasting solutions to your neuropathy pain;
  • Taking multiple nerve pain medications with little relief;
  • Your medications no longer working; or
  • Being told there’s no cure for your pain;

There is hope.

A Pain-Free Tomorrow Is Possible with Help from HooverHealth and Wellness

Imagine taking fewer medications, feeling better, and being able to return to the activities you love. With the help of our functional medicine clinic, you may be able to do all these things and more.

At HooverHealth and Wellness, our team listens to your health concerns and delivers an individualized care plan that has been proven to reduce or even eliminate symptoms in four out of five patients. This is accomplished without the use of steroids or addictive pain medications. Many of our patients experience less pain, reduced swelling, increased blood flow to the hands or feet, improved sensation and feeling in the fingers and toes, better balance and stability, decreased leg cramping, and better-quality sleep.

How Do Treatments Work?

You will undergo Combined Electrochemical Treatment, which incorporates two well-established procedures that have been combined into a protocol that shows great promise as a safe, effective treatment solution for all forms of neuropathy. It is performed by combining a sensory nerve block using a nutrient-infused local anesthetic in combination with Electronic Signal Treatments (EST). This is known as energy medicine. The electronic signal is delivered by a sophisticated electromedical wave generator called the Sanexas unit. The Sanexas unit works by quantum biology.

The pharma/vitamin-enriched, nutrient-infused acts as a chemical signal to peripheral nerves to regenerate and heal damaged nerves. Epidermal nerve fiber biopsies taken before and after treatment show increases in nerve densities, demonstrating the regeneration of nerve endings.

Our team also uses an innovative protocol consisting of comprehensive treatment with PRP injections, combined with our Electronic Signaling Treatment. We refer to this as Cellular Signaling Therapy™ (CST). This has been shown to decrease treatment times and achieve faster results. In addition to general chronic pain, this method is a great treatment option for people who are living with sports-related pain or pain following a car accident or on-the-job injury.

How HooverHealth and Wellness Is Different from the Standard Pain Management Clinic

At HooverHealth and Wellness, we take an alternative approach to healing patients’ pain at the source, rather than covering it with medications that can cause dangerous complications with long-term use. Through our evidence-based treatments like electrical cell stimulation, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection therapy, and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) therapy, we go deep into the patient’s tissues so the body can heal itself. The goal is to heal the body’s nerves, which not only improves symptoms of pain, but also any associated numbness and tingling.

By contrast, treating patients’ pain with opioid medication simply masks their symptoms — it does not heal the problem at its source and leaves patients vulnerable to getting hooked on painkillers. Not only are our groundbreaking treatments effective, but they also help many patients avoid the need for surgery. We invite you to learn more about our practice by calling for further information.

To book an appointment at our functional medicine clinic in Hoover, AL, please call (205) 627-6974 or reach out online for a quick response. We accept many forms of health insurance.

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